The Career Hub is your one stop career solution center for students, job seekers, new business owners and employers.

The Problem

Businesses failure and employment is on a recent high with one of the predominant causes in both cases being a lack of information and access to opportunities; also, the disparity between the demand and supply of skills in the labour market. Our big dream is to bridge the huge gap between skills demanded by companies and skills available in the workforce. To provide the solutions that the world needs. How?

Our Solution

Access to wealth of information

A library and resource center stocked with answers to every career related question: where to study anywhere in the world, scholarships and funding opportunities, access to information on employment, internships and volunteering opportunities in Ghana and overseas.


Providing mentoring, coaching and hand holding for students from elementary school to graduate school on carving the right career path and living a fulfilled life. We have hundreds of fellows around the world willing to coach and provide direct mentoring or simply point you in the right direction.

Whichever career path you take, there's a place for you here. The Career Hub is a resource center for trainings, guidance/mentoring, business creation and innovation. We grow and learn together; we support you.
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